At La pasta e la pizza restaurant, our guests can find the pasta and pizza varieties that are integrated with Italy. We are preparing our fresh pastas with traditional Italian recipes. The special gragnano pasta with its tradition of two hundred years is prepared by grinding the best wheat in bronze and drying it slowly under low heat.  Our pastas are served as rare-cooked, just like “al dente” in Italy… By this means, when the pasta is cooked, it has pores that allow it to absorb the sauce better. Its nutritional value and taste is protected… When it comes to pizza, Eataly has always sticked to the traditional Napolitan technique. The edge; should be long and soft, the dough should be left to rise for at least 24 hours, pizza; should be cooked in wood ovens for at most 350°  and the ingredients should present the abundance of the Mediterranean. At La pizza restaurant, the guests while eating their pizzas prepared by both the special products coming from Italy and the freshest ingredients of Turkey can also watch the traditional Napolitan pizza prepared by trained pizza masters under their eyes.